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An ideal activity to discover during your stay or weekend with your children in Haute-Normandie.

The little ones will be delighted with this total immersion close to animals from all over the world. An unusual and magical experience, exclusively in Rouen.

Close to tropical animals, the BIOTROPICA zoological greenhouse invites you to discover the wealth of the world around us.

A unique experience and immersion in Rouen

Dive into the heart of the rainforest in a covered environment of about 6000m², for a unique experience to discover the territories of more and more surprising animals: marmosets, lorikeets parrots, dendrobates, alligators.... you can discover some rare and threatened species.

An outdoor tour will complete this visit: an immersion on the Australian continent and a discovery of the surroundings of the Chalet Lake.

A mini farm with its dwarf goats, miniature pigs and funny chickens.

Discover the 7 worlds

Biotropica is a very rich biodiversity and 7 universes in total with species from all over the world and tropical.
We love the African bush for the incredible Sudanese Cheetah, the Surricate, the adorable Kirk's Dik dik or the Fennec.

The penguin cove will allow you to discover the Humboldt penguin species.

In the children's farm, the smallest species will be presented to you, with the splendid barn owl, the dwarf donkey or the surprising and majestic Crowned Merganser.

A must-see and a must-see greenhouse, the tropical greenhouse presents numerous species of birds, fish and frogs, each one as beautiful and rare as the next. Also, there are many species of all kinds, adorable, rare and that will amaze the children for sure! We love the Emperor Tamarind, unique and so cute, the Pinched Tamarind so offbeat but so elegant or the unusual Pig-nosed Turtle. We won't tell you more, the visit is clearly worth the detour.

You can't leave without seeing the Australian bush with its irresistible species of Kangaroos, Wallaby and Geese.

The Asian garden to discover adorable little red pandas, dwarf Asian otters and other species...

Majestic as you wish, the lake of pelicans is made up of a species of pelican: the curly pelican!

Snacks with animals

Make the children happy with the animal snack. An essential step in understanding the different behaviors of these adorable animals and their biodiversity, the caretakers offer visitors the opportunity to participate in the snacks of certain species. Near the enclosures, at precise times, you will share an unforgettable and fascinating moment.

Become an animal caretaker for an afternoon

What better way to introduce your children to the job of animal caretaker? Biotropica allows children from 12 years old to come and discover the behind-the-scenes of the animal care profession.

Depending on the time of day, you will be able to participate in the preparation and distribution of the animals' meals, the cleaning of their living quarters and much more...

Who knows, maybe the children will find their future professional vocation after this day...

Learn more about Biotropica

Before organizing your afternoon at the animal park, we suggest you visit the Biotropica website if you want to know more.

Organize your stay

Located only 18 km by car from Biotropica, our Hotel City Rouen Sud Oissel offers you its comfortable rooms to organize your stay in complete peace.

Don't wait any longer and check our room availability now online, you will benefit from the best live rate.