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Great Clock of Rouen

Your stay at The Originals City Hotel Rouen Sud Oissel will be an opportunity to observe the Great Clock of Rouen, it houses one of the oldest mechanisms in Europe!

One of the most emblematic sites in the historic centre of Rouen

The Great Clock is located just south of the Palace of Justice. From the south-east corner of the Place du Vieux Marché (where Joan of Arc Church is located), the Rue de Gros-Horloge leads to the Cathedral. Halfway along this charming route of cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, the Tour du Gros-Horloge adjoins a Renaissance pavilion.

One of the three oldest clocks in France

The Gothic bell tower was built in 1389 for defensive purposes and the decorative clock dates from 1889. The clock in the belfry still fulfils its function as a timekeeper for the town. We invite you to take a moment to admire the incredible details of the clock!

The deity symbolising the day of the week appears on a triumphal chariot at noon. A globe above the dial shows the phases of the moon, and the sheep represent the wool industry. In the middle of the clock, a lamb, emblem of Rouen, represents the arms of the city.

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Rue du Gros-Horloge
76000 Rouen