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Normandy specialties: our favorites

Discover the delicious flavors of Normandy during your stay!

We propose you today a small guide of the Norman specialities to discover during your stay or weekend in Normandy. Between sweet and savory flavors, Normandy is full of gourmet and emblematic products of the region!

Discover here some of the products that make Normandy a renowned gastronomic destination.

Sweet specialties

The Normandy Apple Tart

This greedy and melting dessert, made with apples, fresh cream, almond powder and a touch of Calvados is the essential dessert of the Normandy region. You can taste a piece of this pie in one of the many bakeries of the region, or if you feel like it, you can also make this pie yourself!

The Teurgoule

Traditional Norman dessert, the teurgoule is a dessert based on rice pudding flavored with cinnamon. It must be cooked in a stoneware dish and eaten according to your taste: cold, hot or warm.

The Sugar of Rouen

This speciality is actually a barley sugar which would be a remedy for the words of throat as well as melancholy. Made of sugar, glucose syrup, apple juice and water, it is made by hand.

The Caramels of Isigny

Created in the 1930s in Isigny-sur-mer, its caramels are made from local products, such as Isigny PDO butter. These caramels are renowned for their good taste of butter and milk.

Thanks to their development, Isigny soft caramels now offer 70 different varieties: salted butter caramel, salted butter cream, salted butter fondant, apple and Calvados, etc.

Salted specialties


The PDO cheeses of Normandy

If we say Neufchâtel, Livarot, Camembert or Pont-Évêque? Here are the 4 flagship PDO cheeses of Normandy origin, some with names known throughout the world, which make the reputation of the Normandy region and its gastronomy.

Camembert is one of the most famous and appreciated cheeses in France and abroad. Recognizable by its shape and its white rind, it is a cheese which during its manufacture is molded with a ladle.

Neufchâtel is easily recognizable by its heart shape, original and very particular. The anecdote: This shape of cheese was originally, during the 100 years war, a sign of affection sent by young girls to English soldiers.

Livarot is a cheese with a straw yellow color, a color that would come from the techniques used during its maturation. It is a cheese that is distinguished by the thin strips of dried reeds, five in number, that surround it.

The Pont-L'évêque, or Angelot according to its original name, is a cheese that is distinguished by its square shape.

The Norman oysters

There are 5 main types of Norman oysters, depending on their location.
- On the west coast of the Channel, the open sea oysters will have a full-bodied taste and an iodized perfume.
- On the east coast, the oyster is iodized and fleshy with a subtle taste of hazelnut.
- In the Baie des Veys, the oysters will find the right balance between sweetness, delicacy and crunchiness.
- On the Côte de Nacre, the oyster is balanced and iodized.
- In Veules-Les-Roses, the oysters are more fleshy, with a pronounced taste.

The andouille of Vire

Emblematic of the Normandy region, you will easily find andouille de Vire on the various market stalls. Coming from the bocage of Vire, this delicatessen is perfect in recipes of buckwheat pancakes.

Tripes à la mode de Caen

Ideal to accompany your home-made purées, the tripe à la mode de Caen is made with beef, carrots and onions. A typical specialty of the region, the secret recipe of these tripes has been passed down from generation to generation for many years.

If you wish to visit our beautiful region and at the same time come to taste local specialities, our hotel offers rooms for your stays.